MENÉNDEZ & ASOCIADOS ABOGADOS also provides liable parties, owners, exploitation rights holders and insurers advice on matters of environmental liability, regulated mainly by Law 26/2007, of October 23, on environmental liability.

Similarly, the firm also advises on the subject of nature reserves, protected species of fauna and flora, and their relationship with business operations and activities.

Due to its peculiarities and its significant impact on decision-making, it is of special import to provide expert guidance on the relationships among the various public administrations with authority over environmental protection and environmental planning, as well as properly coordinate zoning laws with urban and territorial governance and planning.

• Environmental audits (due diligence), from an exclusively legal point of view.
• Obligations derived from the prevailing environmental liability regime (Law 26/2007, of October 23).
• Biodiversity, regime of uses and activities in natural spaces, obligations derived from belonging to the Natura 2000 Network, in particular regarding Special Conservation Areas (Spanish acronym, “ZEC”) and Special Protection Areas for Birds and Exotic Species (Spanish acronym, “ZEPAS”).
• Relations among public administrations with competencies in environmental matters.
• Transparency.
• Relations among urban planning, territorial planning and the environment in the processing of strategic environmental assessments. Sustainable mobility.
• We perform access-to-information case work before any public administration, including, of course, that of the European Union.