Administrative Contracting

An analysis of the compendium of administrative clauses from a legal point of view can help to make the offer presented competitive and aid in assessing the risks that any contractor of the Administration undertakes, especially in public works and services. Our firm carries out this work proactively, has experience in special appeals involving public service contracts, and intervenes during the execution phase of the contract to advise on any incidents that may arise. This work includes a review of tariffs as well as of contractual terminations, follow-up of reversal procedures, and administrative and contentious-administrative appeals.

To Public Administrations and to the public in general, the firm provides services related to the preparation of contractual procedures – determination of the applicable modalities, processing of case files, drafting specifications for particular administrative clauses and, if applicable, collaboration in the drafting of technical specifications – and to the execution of contracts already awarded: follow-up of contractor obligations, restoration of the financial viability of concessions, advice on price review procedures, etc.

Our extensive and in-depth knowledge of European Community Law is a distinct added value in this regard.

• Proactive and preventive advice for private enterprise on the obligations derived from administrative clauses.
• Guidance for Public Administrations and the public in the preparation of specifications in specific administrative norms and, if applicable, in the preparation of technical specifications, as well as during the various phases of contract preparation, selection of contractors, and award of contracts.
• Special appeals in contracting matters.
• Administrative case work on the ongoing management of the contractual relationship: contract modifications, price revisions, intervention in the provision of the service or in the realization of the work by the Administration or entities of the public sector, reversal case work at contract termination.