Energy and climate


Menéndez & Asociados Abogados provides expert guidance to companies in the energy industry, both to those dedicated to the production and transport of electricity as well as to those in distribution. This advice is tailored to the case in hand during processing of the mandatory authorizations for such operations before the pertinent zoning, environmental and, where appropriate, local administrations, and is also geared toward the relationships that may arise with the different public administrations in the performance of such activities.

Climate change and energy transition

The Paris Agreement of 2015, the development of its rules in Katowice and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development demonstrate that there is a political consensus about the relevance of the ecological transition. It implies a decarbonized economy resilient to the effects of climate change and in which nobody is left behind. This transition, which aspires to become a key vector of the economy, has its own rules and legal principles, which have their origin fundamentally in environmental and energy law. For its application and interpretation, our trajectory and experience in reading technically complex regulations places the firm in a privileged position.

Emission trading scheme

We provide services related to the implementation of the European Emission Trading Scheme to certain facilities in the energy sector and the manufacturing industry; control and delivery of sufficient allowances to cover all their emissions and legal defense in case of the application of the penalty regime.


Intervention in the demarcation procedures of the maritime-terrestrial public domain; burdens related to transit easements, to access to the sea and to protection; coast paths and beach promenades; terrestrial maritime urbanizations.