Atmospheric, Acoustic, Light and Odor Pollution

To the extent that environmental law also governs atmospheric, acoustic and light pollution, our law firm provides guidance on compliance with limits on emission and immission of pollutants into the atmosphere, the cataloging of polluting sources, and compliance with recurring obligations. We are also specialists in the trading of greenhouse gas emission rights.

In a similar manner, we deal with adapting operations to acoustic, light and odor pollution regulations and, in general, we advise local administrations, private individuals and businesses regarding noise pollution.

Finally, the disciplinary proceedings arising from the application of these regulations and the ensuing legal defense before any charges relating to ecological crimes are also matters we deal with in our practice.

• Expert guidance regarding the cataloging of atmospheric pollution sources and adaptation to prevailing norms and regulations (especially, employment of the best available technologies in the setting of emission and immission limits by the Administration); compliance with periodic inspections.
• Guidance on adapting to regulatory norms governing noise and light pollution.
• Guidance on preparing municipal ordinances and maps of acoustic capacity.
• Advice on the establishment of limits on the emission of odors.
• Guidance for administrative authorization case work for greenhouse gas emissions, the allocation, possession, delivery and registration of emission rights, and the verification and monitoring of emissions.
• Advice on the requirements, administrative authorizations and procedures established for the production, importation, exportation and use of the substances that deplete the ozone layer.