Public Law

Management of Public Administration

Both Public Administrations and contractors for the management of public services often require expert guidance, be it preventive or reactive, in their relationships.

Administrative Contracting

An analysis of the compendium of administrative clauses from a legal point of view can help to make the offer presented competitive and aid in assessing the risks that any contractor of the Administration undertakes, especially in public works and services.

Territorial and Urban Planning

Within administrative law, one of the most important areas is that which governs zoning, land management, administrative supervision of construction and land use, and ensuring compliance with municipal laws and regulations. Menéndez & Asociados Abogados possesses legal professionals specialized in providing counsel in this area, especially in relation to overlapping urban and environmental regulations.

Territorial Equipment and Urban Planning

The commercial sector is another area in which the firm also has professional experience.

Asset Management Liability of Public Administrations

When watching over the interests of private parties, be they natural or legal persons, or while acting in the interests of Public Administrations, Menéndez & Asociados Abogados provides guidance in the area of the liability of public administrations; namely, in the attendant administrative case work for cases in which the matter in dispute involves the right of private parties to be compensated for damages suffered, as derived from the proper or improper functioning of public services.

Expropriation Proceedings

The issues arising in expropriation proceedings often relate to urban planning and zoning but may also be motivated by other areas of public action, in either instance giving rise to cases of forced expropriation by the Administration. We closely monitor these administrative proceedings and actively advise companies and private parties, including negotiating with the Administration, to reach a mutual agreement regarding a fair price, another one of the key services provided by our firm.

Other Areas of Expertise

As a firm specializing in administrative law, our services are not limited to the areas described above, but rather cover all domains and industries in which the Administration has a clear impact, such as entertainment, recreational activities and public venues, pharmacies, public subsidies and other public aid, and the tourism industry, among others.