Activities with Environmental Impact

Actividades con Incidencia Ambiental

At Menéndez & Asociados Abogados, we provide legal guidance on the processing of administrative permits for obtaining environmental authorization in accordance with Royal Legislative Decree 1/2016, of December 16, which approves the revised text of the Prevention Law and integrated management of pollution, and Law 21/2013, of December 9, on environmental impact assessment, and the regional community and local laws enacted on the matter, including municipal management of urban activity. In short, all matters that derive from the application of prevailing law and regulation, such as environmental inspection and sanctioning norms and procedures, precautionary and provisional measures that affect operations and methods, administrative appeals, and so on. In keeping with this line of work, territorial and/or urbanistic considerations and strategic policy statements also form part of the services we provide.

We also provide guidance to municipal governments in the development of local ordinances regarding integrated oversight and, in general, the various issues raised by applicable regulations (EU, national, and regional/local), including relations with other administrations.

Similarly, we deal with environmental impact statement filings for infrastructure projects, as well as substantive public authorization case work relating to the processing of environmental impact assessments.

• Ongoing preventive counseling for activities having an environmental impact.
• Administrative case work involving obtaining or adapting public permits and authorizations to the prevailing legal regime of integrated pollution prevention and control for the operation of activities having an environmental impact.
• Legal guidance for drafting and processing planning instruments, including strategic environmental assessments, where appropriate.
• Impact of regulations and zoning laws on territorial and urban planning.
• Guidance for the drafting of planning agreements.
• Administrative case work involving environmental impact statements for infrastructure projects.
• Guidance for the preparation of municipal ordinances on comprehensive intervention and, in general, advice to local governing bodies on the application of said regulation.
• Defense against administrative resolutions involving the adoption of precautionary and provisional measures that affect normal operations.
• Administrative case work for the approval of infrastructure projects and substantive public authorizations that require filing, in parallel, an environmental impact statement.
• Environmental sanctions.