Asset Management Liability of Public Administrations

When watching over the interests of private parties, be they natural or legal persons, or while acting in the interests of Public Administrations, MENÉNDEZ & ASOCIADOS ABOGADOS provides guidance in the area of the liability of public administrations; namely, in the attendant administrative case work for cases in which the matter in dispute involves the right of private parties to be compensated for damages suffered, as derived from the proper or improper functioning of public services.

This guidance extends to both administrative case work and, if appropriate, to administrative litigation, whenever these types of issues must be resolved before the courts for lack of prior agreement or satisfactory administrative resolution.

• Case work for proceedings involving the asset liabilities of public administrations, consisting of a claim for compensation by a private party for damages suffered because of proper and/or improper actions by the public body in question, including negotiation with that administrative body to obtain the most appropriate compensation, as well as the filing of appeals, either in administrative or judicial proceedings.