Commercial establishments

Retail commerce is another one of the industries in which the firm also possesses substantial professional expertise.

This branch of law has undergone a variety of significant changes in recent years that have forced experts and administrators to work hard to keep abreast of new developments. Thus, both the Services Directive and state regulations on transposition have established an ideal framework for the promotion of service activities, with respect to which regional community legislators often disagree (also exercising their own authority in this matter).

The legal advice we provide in this domain is comprehensive, covering any issue that may arise in relation to the case files and proceedings of our clients: from assistance in the early phases of a commercial project, including zoning and urban planning norms; obtaining licenses and filing of documentation, to acting in defense in the face of any sanctions and/or contentious-administrative proceedings, etc.

• Feasibility studies with respect to a potential project implementation in light of prevailing regulations, urban norms, and zoning laws.
• Administrative case work for obtaining authorizations and licenses.
• Responding to sanctions and any demands made by the Administration.
• Contentious-administrative appeals and consequences arising from the execution of legal findings.
• Expert legal guidance throughout the processing of planning instruments linked to commercial land use.
• Preparation of legal studies on the current state in which commercial establishments are found for purposes of modification or sale.
• Review of prevailing and upcoming new legislation and norms.
• Ongoing expert guidance in defense of our clients’ best interests.